England, France, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Italy’s rugby


Nearly. And in the 1950s the Soviets were researching into using aconitine as a poison weapon. It is rumoured that Soviet biochemist Grigory Mairanovsky used aconitine in experiments with prisoners in the secret NKVD laboratory in Moscow. England, France, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Italy’s rugby teams compete for the championship title in the Six Nations tournament. The Grand Slam is the ultimate goal but no one wants the Wooden Spoon. In 2019, Wales came out on top with a perfect five wins from five matches.Rugby World Cup 2019England Rugby Union Team23:59, 7 MAR 2020Six NationsEngland 33 30 Wales: Eddie Jones rages over Tuilagi red card in Twickenham winTuilagi faces ban and Joe Marler could join him on naughty step for appearing to grab Alun Wyn Jones’ private partsSix NationsEngland 33 30 Wales: Manu Tuilagi sent off as Red Rose hang on for triple crown winTries from Anthony Watson, Elliot Daly and Tuilagi had put England in a commanding position, until the outside centre was sent off for a high tackle amidst a Welsh comebackEngland rugby union teamAlun Wyn Jones left shocked as Joe Marler grabs his privates in England vs Wales meleeJoe Marler was caught on camera grabbing his penis as Wales took on England at Twickenham in the Six NationsSix NationsEngland out to lift mood of nation in stadium awash with coronavirus precautions”Twickenham is like a coliseum on a rugby day, there’s no greater experience.

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